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United Arab Emirates

Health Tourism in United Arab Emirates

UAE is well thought-out as one of the richest and is ranked the 7th richest country by GDP per capita. Despite being rather small, this country is home to a diverse range of tourist attractions. It is also one of the top manufacturers of oil and natural gas in the world.

Why the United Arab Emirates for Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism in UAE is developing at a supersonic speed because it is one sector that the UAE government is continuously focused on. Due to its location, The Emirates is an easy stop for visitors.
The country is so attractive because of its fast development rate. Equally, the UAE is gaining popularity because of its infrastructure. Despite the language in the United Arab Emirates, most of the Doctors and medical practitioners are trained in the US and Europe and speak fluently many international languages. Hospitals in Emirates also have started getting international accreditation, making it one of the most advanced countries in the medical sector. In 2015 Dubai received “The Most Recommended Medical Tourism Destination in the World” Award. This has played a key role in advertising the country’s medical tourism sector.

Popular Medical Treatments in UAE

The most popular medical service looked for in the United Arab Emirates is cancer treatment. This attracts roughly 400 thousand patients from across the world. Dental surgery is also gaining grounds and over the next decade is will be a booming business in the country. Other forms of treatments including surgeries and orthopedic treatments are also available.