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Health Tourism İn Thailand

Why Thailand for Medical Tourism?

Sky-rocketing healthcare costs in developed countries, long waiting lists, and an aging world population have all contributed to a worldwide explosion of medical tourism. Thailand is leading Asia as a medical tourism destination and is considered by many to be a global leader. Thailand has a highly-advanced healthcare system, that includes state-of-the-art equipment, modern facilities, and a wealth of doctors with advanced medical degrees and board certifications from the US and Europe. Furthermore, the country is well known for the generous hospitality of its service-minded population, making it even more appealing as a destination. In 2010, more than 89% of medical tourists traveled to Thailand, India or Singapore, with Bangkok and Singapore leading the pack. However, the cost of treatment and hotel rooms are far more expensive in Singapore than in the Thai capital, making Bangkok the most popular place for medical tourism in the world.
Now there are more than fifty-four Thai hospitals, departments and ambulatory clinics with JCI accreditation, more than any other nation in the region.