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Singapore Health Tourism

Named the “Lion City” as a sign of good fortune, Singapore is the world’s only sovereign city-state on an island. A vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters, along with many family-friendly attractions make visiting this slightly futuristic city an unforgettable experience.

Why Singapore for Medical Tourism?

Singapore is well-known for its very stringent laws and regulations particularly in the areas involving cleanliness. This strict emphasis on order and efficiency has had its effect on Singapore’s healthcare system making it one of the best in the world. The robust medical infrastructure makes Singapore an ideal destination for medical travelers looking for modern facilities, a clean and structured environment, and English-speaking medical professionals. With well-respected, internationally trained, doctors, internationally-accredited hospitals and specialty centers, medical travelers to Singapore can be confident of quality treatment. Tourists can receive quality medical care in a safe and friendly environment, with no fears of political instability, social unrest, or doubts about poor health safety practices. In fact, on the World Health Organization (WHO) list of the 191 countries that have the best health system, Singapore, comes on the 6th place. Although many countries in Asia compete for the title, people from across the world continue to travel to Singapore for high-quality and affordable treatments.

Singapore’s Healthcare System

In 2014, the Bloomberg News ranked Singapore “the most efficient health system in the world”. Most hospitals and medical centers in Singapore are governmental or public facilities, with a few exceptions like the privately-owned Raffles and Parkway hospitals. Serviced by English-speaking and internationally trained medical practitioners and staff, all Singaporean hospitals offer top rated healthcare services and facilities.

International Hospital Accreditations

Most hospitals and specialty centers in Singapore cater to medical tourists, and virtually all of them offer exceptional quality healthcare. The major hospitals in Singapore have international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), ISO or OHSAS. Singapore currently has 22 JCI-accredited hospitals and medical centers.