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MediTern provides integrated and personalized medical services such as consultations, diagnostic, billing, insurance arrangements, travel and accommodation, translation services, and travel services offered  to companions:

Specific medical services:

  • Medical case assessment, analysis of the medical documents, clinical consultation
  • Preparing medical records – medical history, current state description, recommendations
  • Selection of the medical provider based on the performance criteria
  • Providing medical solutions – recommending 3 medical facilities (private or public) and physicians with the expertise to solve the case
  • Establishing contact with the medical institutions and the doctors with expertise in the specific area
  • Facilitating fast access to the medical centre and to the doctor – scheduling consultations and interventions.
  • Providing assistance for an optimal treatment decision and determining subsequent steps required for accessing medical institutions
  • Sending medical records, preparing and managing the formalities • Assistance with international health insurance
  • Providing personalized costs plan
  • Providing assistance regarding hospital admissions and the relationship with the physicians
  • Follow up
  • Maintaining permanent contact with your doctor and managing the relationship between physician-patient – healthcare provider


Travel and touristic services:

  • Touristic programme (optional trips to the main touristic objectives, cultural events participation etc.)
  • Touristic assistance
  • Travel guide
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Arrangements for airport transfers
  • Local transfers
  • Visa support
  • Providing translations
  • Companions tourist programme during the patient investigation and treatment