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Health Tourism in Poland

Widely known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage and a wide biodiversity, Poland is one of the highly-rated tourist destinations in the world. Officially known as the Republic of Poland, it is situated between two mountain ranges (the Sudetes and the Carpathian Mountains) in the south and the Baltic Sea in the North. The name Poland is derived from a West Slavic Clan of Poland that introverted the Warta river basin of the historic Greater Poland in the 18th century. The word “Pola” derived from the western Slavic word “pole” which means field.

Why Poland for Medical Tourism?

Poland has slowly emerged as a first-class medical tourism destination in Europe. After joining the European Union, Poland became more visible on the healthcare system map. The medical system offers services that accommodate every pocket.

Medical Tourism Popularity in Poland

Healthcare facilities in Poland are equipped with modern healthcare equipment. The Polish medical institutions are accredited by the European Union and NATO. They also have international accreditation from organizations such as the Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS) from the United Kingdom and the European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESQH).