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Health Tourism in Mexico

The only Spanish speaker country of North America goes beyond blue beaches and red chilies, it is full of ancient history and small cities ready to welcome you.

Why Mexico for Medical Tourism?

Mexico is a top destination for growing worldwide medical tourism and has become a healthcare hub. In the past, only border-towns offered some dentistry and cosmetic surgery options mostly for Americans, but nowadays the country has increased its services offering cardiology, fertility, oncology, weight loss surgery, and reconstructive surgery in many cities around the country.

Mexico has invested in the medical industry and offers high-quality services at an affordable price. Many Mexican hospitals started to affiliate with higher educational institutions. One of the best examples is the Hospital San José Tec de Monterey, which is affiliated with the educational institution Tecnológico de Monterey, offering five treatment centers for cardiology, oncology, neuroscience, organ transplantation, and liver diseases. Additionally, due to proximity to the US, it is common to be assisted by professionals educated in America.

Hospital Accreditation in Mexico

The country jumped from none accreditations in 2006 to 9 places accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) which recognizes with a gold seal only those institutions that follow the same requirements as US medical standards. Additionally, researchers show that the value of choosing Mexico as the next medical destination can save the patient an average of 40-65% if compared to US prices.

In line with the big hospitals, small clinics, are also popular and receive a high number of international patients. Those clinics are usually run by expats trained in the US or Europe. The majorities of these institutions make partnerships with accredited agencies and offer full support to the patient by providing additional non-medical services, such as pick-up service from the airports or partner hotels.

One of the most common worries of international medical tourists is the language barrier, understandably because the official language in Mexico is Spanish. However, due to the investment in this sector, nowadays is easier to find English-speaking personnel in the medical industry. Our most important advice is to always consider only accredited establishments while looking for medical options, in order to prevent any inconveniences during your stay.