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Why Medical Tourism in Israel?

Healthcare in Israel is universal, and being a part of the medical insurance plan is compulsory. The destination has both private and public health facilities and is considered to have one of the most technologically advanced healthcare systems in the world, with highly equipped modern facilities.

Medical tourists come to Israel for treatments such as bone marrow transplants, heart surgery and catheterization, oncological and neurological treatments, car accident rehabilitation, orthopedic procedures, and IFV treatment which costs considerably less than in their home countries.

A patient who doesn’t have health insurance and needs bypass surgery would pay about $120,000 in the US, while the same procedure in Israel would cost around $30,000. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has high success rates and relatively low prices. IVF costs approximately $3,000 in Israel, compared to $16,000 – $20,000 in the US.

Many travelers look for more natural procedures for a variety of medical conditions at treatment centers and spas at the Dead Sea, a world-famous therapeutic resort. The quality of Israel’s facilities is recognized throughout the world, with regular contacts maintained on a reciprocal basis with major medical and scientific research centers abroad.

Hospital Accreditation in Israel

Israel doesn’t have a national accreditation system, although the Ministry of Health conducts audits on specific issues, and for relicensing of hospitals, and the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association handles audits for admitting a department suitable for residency.
In 2014, the Ministry of Health initiated hospital monitoring efforts in monitoring the quality of local hospitals.

After that, significant progress has been made, with almost all Israeli hospitals being involved in international accreditation programs, and nation-wide systems being put into place to monitor clinical quality.
Currently, there are 29 JCI accredited Hospitals and Healthcare organizations in Israel.