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Offering opportunity of treatment to more than 2 million patients every year based on 28-year experience in Turkish healthcare sector, Medicana Health Group continue to set standards of future healthcare services. Listed among 500 largest companies of Turkey thanks to 12 hospitals operated in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Samsun and Sivas and distinguished investments to health sector, Medicana Health Group continue to grow with Medicana International Izmir Hospital – the new ring added to healthcare chain of Medicana.

Medicana International Izmir Hospital is among most comprehensive health complexes of Aegean Region and it aims excellence in healthcare services based on modern medical technology, academic physicians and special architecture.

As is the case with all other hospitals of Medicana Health Group, healthcare services are covered by SGK (Turkish Social Security Institution) and private insurance companies. Medicana International Izmir Hospital sets a higher standard also in multidisciplinary treatment of international patients.

Healthcare services are delivered in line with principles of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment approach, maximum comfort and quality in Medicana International Izmir Hospital, which is constructed from the principal quality perspective of Medicana Health Group along with an investment of 110 million U.S. Dollar. Combining state-of-the-art hospital architecture with hotel-scale comfort, the hospital is designed to meet needs of patients and relatives in patient rooms, waiting lounges, outpatient care areas, diagnosis and treatment units, parking lot and emergency access areas.

Medicana International Hospital serves patients with capacity of 75 beds, 8 operating theaters, 14 intensive care unit beds and 140-vehicle parking lot.