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Medicana Ataşehir Hosptial, which will be one of the most important healthcare centers not only in Turkey but also in Europe, is planned to deliver service in all disciplines of medicine with its modern technological infra-structure and high-level architecture.

Medicana Ataşehir Hospital is planned as one of the most comprehensive healthcare concepts of Istanbul and it creates a totally new understanding of healthcare service.

We combine all medical disciplines, specialized treatments and surgical treatment modalities, which integrate cutting-edge technology, with patient-oriented service approach and offer them to Istanbul, especially the Anatolian Side.

Interior areas designed to ensure superior comfort for patients and relatives, experienced healthcare professionals who monitor contemporary knowledge and innovations and the ability to combine specialized treatments with modern technology through its superior technological infrastructure distinguish Medicana Ataşehir from its counterparts. The “Future” of healthcare service delivery begins with Medicana Ataşehir Hosptial.

Patient-oriented Service Approach…

Every detail was considered to ensure comfort of patients, relatives and employees while Medicana Ataşehir Hospital was designed. All spaces, ranging from lobby area, outpatient clinics and patient waiting areas to physician and patient rooms are designed to meet all needs of patients. All details are taken into consideration to ensure comfort of patients and relatives in hospital stay and treatment processes. Each detail, including but not limited to color selection, forms of furniture, lighting and accessories, is planned to supplement the recovery. We always stand by you to meet all your needs in a modern hospital that has imaging units with superior technological means, specialized laboratories and high-tech operating theatres and intensive care units.