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Czech Republic

Why Medical Tourism in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic economy is prosperous and in 2006 the nation was the first former member from the Comecon which accomplished the status of a developed country. It is among the safest nations in Europe and a part of the European Union, NATO, the OECD, the OSCE, the Visegrad Group, and the Council of Europe. The Czech Republic pulls in a large number of travelers every year, who come here to visit and appreciate probably the best Cubist, Art Nouveau, and Baroque structures in Europe.

The nation has rich practices, history, and culture, just as stunning touring. The Czech Republic has a ton to bring to the table, from chateaux and palaces helping to remember the incredible families, to peak ruins, spa towns, green woods, and stunning food. Being a developed and popular destination for tourism, the English language is widely spoken and used, so you will easily get along.

The country is renowned for its excellent results in oncology, cardiology, infertility, and eye surgery and procedures. Patients coming here have access to state-of-the-art robotic surgery, which implies faster recovery time, shorter hospital stay, and significantly decreased possibility of complications.

Hospital Accreditation in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has very strict accreditation requirements for healthcare facilities, whether state-operated or private. Clinics and hospitals undergo regular inspections, and patients themselves have the opportunity to assess the quality of their care in national surveys. Some of the international accreditations that hospitals in the Czech Republic have or can obtain are JCI Accreditation, DNV, etc.