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Costa Rica

Health Tourism in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica for Medical Tourism?

Costa Rica has been among the countries which have been receiving tourists mostly from the US and Canada seeking medical care in one way or the other. World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica among the top three healthcare systems in Latin America. Myths such as questionable healthcare standards and doctors’ qualifications have held back most people from reaping the benefits of medical tourism. Most hospitals in Costa Rica that offer health services for tourists have their doctors trained in U.S and Europe, so they are as qualified as any other doctor in a tourist’s home country.

The dentist medical industry in Costa Rica receives the largest number of foreign patients. This is owed to the excellent and affordable services. There are several online sites to hire and book Costa Rican doctors. Last year’s reports indicate that San Jose received over 50,000 foreign patients mostly seeking dental and other specialist medical services. Each and every year, the country continues to receive an increasing number of medical tourists because of the world-class medical facilities run by professional qualified medical personnel. There is absolutely no reason to doubt that the country is becoming an attractive medical tourism destination just like Thailand.

Top Medical Treatments in Costa Rica

In 2015, 42% of medical tourists sought dentistry services, while 22% sought gynecological services, 16% sought cosmetic surgery services while 10% sought other specialty services like bariatric, dermatology, and orthopedics.

Healthcare Progress in Costa Rica

The life expectancy in Costa Rica is 78.5%, and this is widely attributed to the improvements in the health sector. All types of surgery are considered the most advanced medical care offered in Costa Rica. They have skilled doctors who can comfortably handle gastric surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, dental implants, hip/knee replacements, hysterectomies among other forms of surgeries.

Hospital Accreditation System in Costa Rica

Joint Commission International (JCI) is a global certification that’s considered a gold standard in the world medical industry. It accredits hospitals and medical schools in Costa Rica. JCI has programs that help improve hospitals that meet their standards.