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What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is the traveling of people for cheaper, faster, more comfortable, and better healthcare service overseas or in different countries. It means you travel to another country depending on your preference for any kind of wellness, healthcare, or treatment with your own payment.

Why is medical tourism growing up rapidly?

Although the medical tourism sector has slowed down a bit with the pandemic, this is growing with increasing momentum all over the world.

The fact that some health services in America, Canada, and other northern European countries are very expensive and slow has led people to look for different solutions.

On the other hand, it is taken seriously by both the private sectors and the governments in the leading countries in health tourism has made health tourism increasing value.

A man is an enemy of what he does not know. Most people believe healthcare service is not good enough in all other countries until seeing the reality. Maybe the most important reason for the growth of medical tourism is the people who visited another country for treatment or wellness are turned back to their country as happy and satisfied. Then this spreads rapidly around them and encourages those close to them.

What are the main benefits of medical tourism for patients?

First, you will get the same treatment or procedure much cheaper than homeland.

Especially some procedures are expensive or don’t cover by insurance in some countries such as the USA and UK.  Depending on the country you can get the same procedures by saving 40% – 80% by medical tourism

Time is money! Even if you have insurance covering your treatment, you must get this from where your insurance company offered it. You can choose your clinic among the best options and get it earlier. Also, possibly you will pay less than your out-of-pocket rate.

You will find high-quality clinics, and medical equipment in those destinations. Because Meditern found and contracted the best clinics and physicians for you in all those destinations with a professional MD team. Most of those hospitals are accredited and private.

In your country, some procedures such as hair transplant, rhinoplasty, or mammoplasty may be made barely due to the high cost or less demand, leading to physicians having less experience. You can find a physician or clinic that is extremely popular and experienced for a specific procedure in those destinations.

You are a VIP in medical tourism destinations. The best advisement for those clinics is your satisfaction, so they make an effort to leave you satisfied.

Finally, all those destinations are among the best fascinating tourist destination as well. So actually, having a tourist trip and your health care simultaneously and in the same package is possible.

Which countries are popular in medical tourism?

Turkiye, Check Republic, Israel, Malaysia, S. Korea, UAE, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil

Why healthcare is cheaper in that medical tourism countries?

Actually, if you look from the contrasting side, maybe health care is too expensive in the USA and some couple countries. This is directly related to the insurance system and government politics. In many countries, all employees are insured by the government, and healthcare services are covered. Thus, all needed procedures or treatments are affordable and covered by that insurance except for some aesthetic or beauty procedures.

Another reason is the exchange rate in currencies in that countries make saving for people who use the dollar or euro. It means even if some treatments or procedures are not affordable for domestic people, they can be so cheap for a medical tourist due to exchange currency. It is not related to healthcare quality.

What are the most popular treatments or procedures in medical tourism?

The most popular treatments are infertility, aesthetic surgery, beauty procedures, dental procedures, orthopedic surgeries, cardiac procedures, and oncologic treatment options.  Meditern professional advisor team will help out you to find the best clinic for your request.

Popular Destinations



Health Tourism in Turkiye Turkiye ranks among one of the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world and aims to be the leading country in medical tourism as 700,000 visited the country last year. Turkiye has been a popular destination for medical tourists from...



Health Tourism in Mexico The only Spanish speaker country of North America goes beyond blue beaches and red chilies, it is full of ancient history and small cities ready to welcome you. Why Mexico for Medical Tourism? Mexico is a top destination for growing worldwide...

South Korea

South Korea

Why South Korea for Medical Tourism? South Korea is among the G-20 major economies, is fully democratic, is considered a developed country, as the USA and Canada, and is Asia’s 4th biggest economy. Seoul is the capital of the country and the 2nd biggest metropolitan...

What does GCR International Accreditation mean?

  • GCR™ International Accreditation means that clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards.
  • It shows that clinic has been officially monitored, independently checked on quality, and is using the data collected by the GCR to help them improve the level of expertise, facilities, services, and patient care.
  • It shows that clinic has demonstrated that they provide the same or higher quality of treatment as all other clinics that display the GCR accreditation star.